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A small-town gym that had just opened

and was in need of a new brand identity and website redesign.


Complex Wrestling is a fitness training and wellness center. The company trains boys and girls of all ages for state wrestling championships. I created a new identity for Complex to improve their marketing content.


Initial Concept Explorations

Each exploration followed a similar theme: a dynamic use of letterforms, symbolic icons, and shape to create a memorable and identifiable brand.

The client, however, did not favor these iterations.

The chosen logo variation.


Brand Guidelines

As part of my plan to improve the Complex Training Center's professional image, I created brand photography to showcase the services this nonprofit gym has offered to the Carrollton community since its inception in 2013.

Website Designs

Desktop (Top).png
Desktop (Bottom).png

I attempted to reflect the tough, athletic symbolism of the Complex Wrestling brand on the website as well. 

This meant a simple, engaging interface that customers could recognize.

Complex Wrestling also needed banner ads to be displayed on their website. Below are designs proposed for one of their classes.

OTz Banner Ad.png
OTz Banner Ad.png
AGOY_Banner Ad_02.png
AGOY_Banner Ad_01.png
AGOY_Banner Ad_03.png

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