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Improving The Conversion Flow for Donation and Newsletter Sign-Up Processes

IMPACT West Georgia needed to improve their website to attract their aging customer base and improve the user experience for potential new donors and website users.


IMPACT needed a new website design.

The current design appeared outdated, difficult to navigate, and posed potential readability issues to new customers looking to learn more about the nonprofit.

I conducted a small design audit to further understand the visual problems. The site was not regularly updated, photography was blurry, and the use of typography was inconsistent, leading to a fragmented user interface.


The Mobile Interface

The mobile interface was also not designed for the intention of making things easier for the user to navigate through. Dropdown menus are used excessively in place of scrolling, and affordances are hidden within buttons with vague microcopy.


Qualitative Survey Study

User Research Phase I

I conducted a survey containing specific questions targeted at users who may have either been donors to the organization in the past, or currently donate or participate in the organization's cause. The types of respondents varied, so I separated them into categories of users.


Usability Testing Methods

Task Analysis & Demographic Sorting

I interviewed and tested 7 non-familiar users to see how they understand the website based on tasks I provided for them. This was a qualitative test designed to measure the usability of the site overall. 

I wanted to measure these qualitative metrics: time, thoughtless actions (movements, facial expressions, comments). I tested each user in a social environment - the external stimulus would provide similar effects that would occur in everyday usage.

George User Testing.jpg
Justin (1).jpg

Data Recording

I recorded real-time data, interactions, expressions and comments using a spreadsheet in Google Docs after I allowed the user to performing a quick 2-minute onboarding session. 

While timed onboarding seemed to be the most efficient option, this method of limiting time made users uncomfortable. I decided to allow users to dictate a point in which they felt comfortable with stopping the onboarding process with the current site.


Live Usability Testing (Current Site)

Each user was tested using the desktop, mobile and tablet devices for easy recording of quantitative data. This made task analysis easier so that I could record answers to questions I asked and users could give feedback on their present experience. 

Testing involved practice of newsletter sign-up processes, donation to the nonprofit, as well as other onboarding processes that a potential volunteer would have to go through to understand what the nonprofit does and what it was about.

User Comments

"The photography doesn't feel engaging or human."

"I'm just signing up for a newsletter - I don't need to input all this info."

One user had mentioned that while the purpose of the page was clear, text placement could be done better, and photography was not engaging to her. The newsletter sign-up process appeared to be lengthy, she also mentioned. Most newsletters require only first/last name and email - this one seemed to require postal info, which isn't necessary for email.

Mobile Onboarding

When navigating the tabs via the mobile device, one user found it difficult to scroll up and down pages that required important info. There were also no guiding interface elements or menus to lead them back to specific pages - only the homepage.

Mobile Newsletter Sign-Up

When navigating the newsletter section of the site, one user found signing up a chore.

After signing up, the user had to  scroll back to the top of the page to see the next steps.

Volunteer Sign Up

One user showed difficulty in navigating the volunteer section of the website. Page elements were not responsive enough to accommodate for information input. 

Prototyping Solutions

Understanding the "Why" Behind The Website

I created lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes of the newsletter and donation sign-up processes based on current user data to come up with the most practical solution for potential customers.

IMPACT Website (Volunteer Page FLow 2)@2
IMPACT Website (Donation Page Flow2)@2x.
IMPACT Website (Volunteer Page FLow Fina
IMPACT Website (Donation Page Completion

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After the initial respondents completed the survey, I invited them in for usability testing to try out the current website and give their feedback in real time.

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