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A Texas-based food delivery service that was in need of a rebrand and website redesign to appeal to a new type of customer.

spivey_q logo.png

Spivey-Q is a catering service based in the heart of Texas. They serve award-winning southern cuisine to tourists and natives alike. I created a new brand for the restaurant.


Spivey-Q's initial logo was too busy and lacked a simplistic form that symbolized the brand well and accentuated its Southern, bold feel.

I addressed this issue by creating a logo that was memorable, fluid, had a sense of movement.

Menu Redesign


The menu was crafted with both readability and style in mind. It was essential for me to consider Spivey-Q's emphasis on authenticity and Southern cuisine.

Business Card Designs

Spivey_Q BCs.png

Even the business cards were constructed in a similar fashion to further expand the customer's experience of the brand.

Website Prototype

Spivey Q Website 1.png

Though an initial prototype of the website the client greatly enjoyed, this version was not used later due to time and budget constraints. 

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